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A collection of digital luxury fashion, accessories & collectibles created with special 3D computer programs and data fabrics.

Own as NFTs, Wear on Social Media, Dress your Avatar🔥🚀

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Welcome To The Future of Fashion

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Virtual Try Ons

The most relevant phenomenon we are witnessing today, accelerated by the pandemic, is the rise of Digital Fashion and AR Clothing amongst digital creators

virtual clothing is the amalgamation of old fashion with new-age technology. In this fashion-meets-digital scenario, clothes cease to exist physically,

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instead opting for a visual representation constructed using 3D software, and AR-based (augmented reality) computer technologies.

Wear on Social Media

Own as NFTs

Dress Avatar

Avatar Wearables

Avatar Wearables are the various items of clothing, accessories, and body features that can be used to customize and create a unique and individual look in any virtual environment

Each wearable is represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

Each collection is unique featuring elements from our phygital collection

Find our exclusive drops of avatar wearables and collectibles on decentraland marketplace.

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