Kwanza Jones

About The Project

Kwanza Jones is an Artist, Investor & Entrepreneur with a big library of both used and unused multimedia content across various brands (Including photos, music, audio, videos, interviews, podcasts, music videos, BTS footage of various productions, and more)

The goal was to find new ways to refresh this library of content for social media ♻️

What Was Done

As attention span keeps getting shorter, i believe brands need to find new ways of creating content that are short & effective. So i went through the entire library of content and developed a content recycling/repurposing strategy. Converted various long format pillar content into micro content that are relevant and more likely to go viral on social media such as Memes, GIFS,Instagram Reels, Tik-Tok & more.



Launched & Managed the Kwanza Jones Giphy Channel & reached over 16 Million views within 6 Months.