Academia refers to a style that is influenced by learning—think tweed blazers and cozy reading nooks, perfect for spending hours in while studying. Marked by warm tones, woolen textures, and a more analog sensibility, academia is the ideal comforting trend for winter. But when it's time for spring, I put a street spin to it by adding knitted sleeveless jersey tops instead of traditional shirts.

Something tailored and structured sets the tone. Go for a full-length jacket or sleeveless tailored vests.

Tailored Vest

Instead of going for a traditional shirt, I opted for knitted jersey deconstructed shirt to add some street edge.

Street Edge

Nothing screams academia like a pair of reading glasses. Instead of going for the traditional pair of eyewear, I decided to go with these flat top Oakley reading glasses


Tweed, woolen, and stripe pants always make a good pair for this look. I decided to go with a pinstripe pleated wide-leg pair


Shoes always make a difference. It can make or break this look. My general rule is to go for shoes without laces or visible fasteners. It gives the look an over clean and minimal feel.




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